Thankful Thursday in the Garden & Kayaking

It's been raining so much we haven't been able to get outside and take pictures even though we have some lovely flowers blooming. Mommy accidentally cut this Crossvine when she was weeding, so she brought it inside and stuck it in a vase so we could enjoy the blooms.

We are thankful for this Daffodils pretty yellow color it reminds us of sunshine.

We are thankful the wildlife enjoys our pond and we can watch them. The Geese are rather friendly and let Mom get pretty close with the camera.

On the other hand this Blue Heron is very shy. He was checking out the Butterfly Garden when Mom took this picture.

Mommy and Daddy went kayaking in Parker Lake, February 12th while there they saw a gorgeous wild azalea that we wanted to share with you.

If you would like to see more of their kayaking adventure @ Parker Lake click here. ~ATCAD

Winsome Wednesday with Yin

 Mommy was still practicing capturing eyes, the others were all most unsatisfactory models except for Fenris. He is very good at modeling and has given me lots of tips.

 So when the Mom asked me to model, I was happy to cooperate with her.

 I think, we nailed it.

 This is the original picture, I purrsonally think it turned out best.

 The Mom played with the light here and it sort of washed me out.

Yin, being winsome for ATCAD

Wedding Bells

Today we are wishing the folks a Happy Anniversary. ~ATCAD

International Box Day

We are all boxed up to celebrate International Box Day. Some of us went with simple cardboard boxes that we just sat in and posed nicely, Yin and Chimera. Others played hard to get and Mommy had to cut openings in the boxes so we could see what was inside; Fenris, Tuiren and Yang and some of us insisted on having a super fancy hatbox to hide in, Scylla. But all of us plan on having lots of fun today.

And Ode to Boxes
Boxes are neat
Sometimes they contain something sweet.
Sometimes they just have a treat
or a hat
or even a doormat
what do you think about that? 

Big or little
short or tall
round or square 
we love them all. 

ATCAD, with very bad poetry but super cute pictures. If you would like to see past boxed pictures click here. 

I just wanted to tell everyone hi today. I loved boxes and I am glad to see Chimera and Yin do too. ~Angel Socks

Scylla Sunday

I am "helping" Mommy and Daddy pick blueberries.

My role is critical without me they wouldn't get any blueberries picked. I has to keep them entertained.

It is a very taxing job, so I take frequent breaks.

Now I am busy looking playful and attacking ankles if they stop picking.

Being a garden cat is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Before I go I am going to snap a quick selfie. Thanks for visiting us in the blueberry patch. Scylla working hard @ ATCAD

 We at ATCAD are wishing all the Father's a Happy Father's Day.

Our Cat Daddy

Caturday Art

Mommy did a scrapbook page for Artemisia, the prettiest flower in our garden. We sure do wish she would come home.

Remember Yang in his jungle Monday, well this is him foiled.

And Mom's obsession with eyes this week lead to these creations with Fenris as the model.

Thanks for joining us for Caturday Art, ~ATCAD

Fenris Friday - Eyes

 Eyes so happy the lovely Millie will go to the Blogville Summer Dance 2017 with me. Millie blogs at  (Bird Brains and Dog Tales) along with her brother Walter.

Since Mommy is still obsessed with taking pictures of eyes I am giving her my soulful look.

It is my understanding it drives the ladies wild.

Do you think Millie will like my soulful look?

Mommy says I could rival Ole Blue Eyes himself for handsomeness.

I hope she isn't exaggerating.  ~Fenris, looking soulful for ATCAD