Thursday in the Garden

Our Confederate Rose had tons of blooms. The frost we had knocked it back some, but the bottom branches are still hanging on and blooming. It's in the 70s here again.

The frost did the pineapple sage in, but it did a nice job blooming too.

In fact Mommy needs to weed this flower bed as the Goldenrod, Pineapple Sage and Ironweed are done for the year. Once she gets the dead stuff out you will be able to see all the stuffs that is still growing.

The ironweed was especially pretty in this bed.

And Daddy's wildflower bed was a sea of goldenrod this year.

The frost got the Candy Corn Cuphea so it needs to be cut back.

The Cape Honeysuckle is safe in the Greenhouse.

The Candlebushes.

The ferns do good all year.

So do the Elephant Ears.

The frost does the Candlebushes in, but we have one safe in the Greenhouse. These came up from seeds.

The Bottle Bush blooms all year here. We love it.

Confederate Rose.

Not sure what Mom was taking a picture of.

black-eyed Susan they are gone for the year too.

Ginger Lilies, they smell divine. They are gone for the year too.

Today we are thankful for a warm house to sleep in. We know you kitties and doggies that live further North then us probably think we are silly but it was in the 50s today and will be in the low 30s tonight so we are freezing. We are especially thankful today for warm blankets and snuggle buddies. And we are purring really hard that all the outside cats and dogs find a way to stay warm.

Winsome Wednesday

 Mommy has took the winter bedspread out and put it on her bed and put the summer bedspread under here. It makes a purrfect bed for ME.

 It's just my size.

 Sometimes I let Socks sleep here as he found it first.

 I also like to hang off things.

 Do you ever hang off things? Mommy says I would make a good stocking hanger.

 I thinks I make a better cat.

Chimera, looking cute for ATCAD

Talking Tuesday

 These are Grandpa's goats. They are Boer Goats.

 We likes the little ones best.

 This one has freckles on his knees. Guess what Mommy calls him? Yep, Freckles.

 This is MUTT he is a full blooded Great Pyrenees. He is MUCH MUCH BIGGER than Fenris. He makes Fenris look like a small dog. To give you some idea Mutt weighs around 120 pounds and when he stands up on his hind legs is taller than Mommy. Fenris only weighs 75 pounds and Mommy is taller than him.

If you enjoyed seeing the goats you can see more of them at Stonewall's Boer Goats.

When Mommy & Daddy went to see the Grandparents for Thanksgiving they had some baby goats. Olivia loved seeing the goats.

Grandpa picked up this baby goat, they are called kids, and let her pet it and her and they baby goat Baaed at each other. It was so funny. ~ATCAD

Mancat Monday with Yang

 I love all my siblings, but I especially LOVE my littermate Yin. She is a good big sister, she took care of me when I was little and really sick. So now I take care of her. I give her baths. For those of you who don't know we were born into a feral cat colony, you can read about how we came to live at ATCAD here.

 I protect her while she is sleeping.

 I keeps her warm when it is cold.

 And we spend lots of time together socializing and just hanging out.

 We play together too.

 Today we are climbing trees.


 I enjoy wrestling with Chimera. It's hard to believe she will have lived at ATCAD for an entire year December 26th. You can read about how she got found when she was just a wee baby with her eyes still closed here.

She is still so tiny it is hard to get a good grip on her.

Somebody asked what we want for Christmas? We want all cats and dogs to find homes for the Holidays.  If you can please consider adopting a fur child.

Yang, reporting for ATCAD on Mancat Monday

Scylla Sunday

 I love having kittens. They make good snuggle buddies.

 Yinny and I enjoy gossiping together.

And they are pawesome playmates. Before I go I am going to take a selfie of me watching them play. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: All of us here at ATCAD are very sad that Fiona has left for the bridge. Even if you aren't hopping today please go by The Cat On My Head to give Fiona's family your support.