Scylla Sunday

I was having a nice little snooze.

Dreaming about Spring in the Jungle Gym when someone woke me up demanding I do a selfie. I THINK NOT.  ~Scylla, not taking a selfie for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 Mommy made Daddy and some other people a calendar for Christmas. Yin was the Inspiration for October.

 Mommy scrapped her Bellingrath Garden Adventure.

 We would love to do a mini-Asian Garden down at our pond.

 Now for some Infared Yin, she looks really pawesome in Infared.


 And now some pages we colored.


PeeS: we are wishing our Eldest Boy a Happy Birthday, and we have some good news to share the grandbaby bean was born February 19th. The Mom reports he is a handsome boy like his Daddy.

RIP Sarge

We were very sad to learn that our friend Sarge went to the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. We know his family are heartbroken at his loss. Sarge blogged at Sarge Speaks Out and was a huge part of Blogville, it won't be the same without him.

Fenris Friday

Hurry up Mom, I am ready to go walking.

This is Front Beach in Ocean Springs where we normally walk.

We haven't been for the last two weeks. First Mommy had to go get her hair fixed. Really don't know why she keeps breaking it, then Mardi Gra interfered with our normally scheduled walk, as Miss Tammy was off for Mardi Gra so worked on our Walking Day. So not fair why do people do things that interfere with our WALKS????? Then Mommy choose to go look at cabinet knobs for the Master Bathroom vanity with Miss Tammy instead of walking...

I am not happy. ~Fenris, complaining for ATCAD

Talking on Thursday

Well hello there, I started my day with a wrestling match with Yang. Not sure WHY this woke the Mom up but it did. She didn't mind as we had let her sleep very late (see the SUN is way up in the sky) and thought we were cute so she took a picture of the stare down. Yang gets distracted when Mom gets the camera out so I won the stare down.

The EvilBot can't get me under the couch, but I can keep an eye on it.

You has to watch it because it will eat your toy balls.

Yang is hanging around looking handsome.

Chimera, reporting for ATCAD with some help from her brother Yang.

Wildlife & Wildflower Wednesday

Daddy's wildflowers are a favorite place to play they are so tall and thick that Mommy can't even find us in there.

And the wildlife seems to enjoy them too.

The Ginger Lily smells good.

The Geese are back. Our geese are pretty well mannered. They make a good deal of noise when they first arrive. You should hear them honking as they fly over the house. But once they actually get here they are pretty quiet.


Tuiren Tuesday

I like to stretch when I first get up.

You have to get up pretty early around here, once the cats are in the backyard you can't sleep. For some reason they wants to sniff you all over when you are asleep. Once you get up they usually head for the Jungle Gym. Yang likes the roof.

Yin often joins him on the roof and Chimera is partial to trees.

Mommy said the ladycats missed seeing Yang yesterday so I made sure we got a good shot of him.

I tried to model for some pictures myself, but Mommy keeps capturing me in the most awkward positions. Really could you wait till I get up please...

Apparently not...

Maybe I should take some photographs when she is doing yoga. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mademoiselle Monday

I know you were expecting Yang for Mancat Monday but he hasn't been very talkative lately so he asked me to do the post. I know some of you ladycats find him irresistible (I purrsonally can't see why) but don't worry you will get to drool over him tomorrow.  I really liked having my own desk in the garage.

Unfortunately Daddy did not listen to my meows and carted it off somewhere. ~Mademoiselle Yin, reporting for ATCAD