Fenris Friday Expectant #PMTphotohunt

Hi, I am bummed out.

Since I have a perfectly good stick to wrestle with you might wonder why.

The answer is obvious.  She (meaning the Mom) met his (meaning ME) expectant gaze Thursday with an air of sheer indifference.

Fenris' expectant gaze
For those of you who don't know Thursday is our day to meet Mrs Tammy and go walking. They have been canceling on me and Tuiren for various reasons. This week Mom's excuse was she had to get her hair fixed. What's wrong with her hair?

I may have to hire Ernie if I ever want to go walking again.

I am glad that sticks are more reliable than Mothers.

We are taking part in  the Weekly Pet Photohunt sponsored by a Tonk's Tail this weeks theme was expectant.

Fenris, expecting to go walking this coming Thursday, NO EXCUSES EXCEPTED.

Thankful Thursday

 These pictures were taken way back in January.  You may have to biggify them to see the spiderweb good.

 We are thankful for spiders (even though they make Mommy squeal ) because they eat insects like mosquitoes, flies, horseflies etc. And because they make pretty webs.

 We love seeing them first thing in the morning with drops of dew hanging from their strands. On the other hand we (especially Mommy) don't like walking into them.

And we love our forsythia that tells us when Spring is here. Since we aren't very fond of cold weather here. We are thankful for the unseasonably warm winter and the early Spring that got here in January. Mommy was able to spend almost all year on the back porch with us thanks to it being warmer than usual here.


Winsome Wednesday with Chimera & Yin

 Sometimes Mommy calls me a busy beaver, (sigh) I am pretty sure I don't look like a beaver. I think she needs to go get her eyes checked again.

 I like to watch bird TV with Yin.  It is nice to have a sister to do things with.

 The birds like to visit the bird feeder, especially when Daddy puts food in it.

 Do you see a bird (Look on the fence).

~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday - Humans Have No Manners

I am busy sniffing.

It is very important to find just the right spot.

There I think I have found it..............

MOM!!!!!! Please a girl needs some privacy. Humans have no manners.

I am so embarrassed.

Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Spring Break

For those of you who don't know we are on Spring Break.

Head over to Dory's Backyard to join us and see all the fun we had. ~ATCAD

Mancat Monday ~How do I keep my fur so white?

I love snuggling with my sisters. Scylla is a good companion for snuggling.

Some of our friends asked how I keep my furs so white, I am constantly grooming so maybe that is the answer.

Scylla and Yinny get REALLY DIRTY, when they are outside. Scylla often looks like she has gray fur.

Yin just looks like dirt. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday (In the Jungle Gym)

Today I am enjoying the Jungle Gym.

From the top floor you can keep an eye on the dogs and the kittens.

OK, OK, they aren't really kittens anymore but they will always be kittens to me.

The Jungle Gym is a good place to sharpen your claws.

Practice your acrobatic moves.

Leave your scent, so everyone knows it is YOURS.

Mommy just feed the doggies.

Their supper sure does look yummy.

I wonder if I should get down and go eat. I need to snap a quick selfie before I do, be sure to check out the tail action. The phone now allows you to take a wide selfie, how cool is that.

Doesn't look like she is fixing to feed us cats yet.

I'll just wash my paws so I will be ready to eat when she feeds us. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art with Yin

I closed my eyes on Mommy but after she added an old time picture frame and did some other stuffs we can't remember I think the picture was OK for Caturday Art.

Here infrared did some interesting things to the chair.

Mommy took a picture of a little froggy at Bellingrath Gardens. He looks really neat with infrared.

And then we colored some pictures for you.

Yin, reporting for ATCAD