Talking Tuesday

We love sunshine here, the Mom usually comes outside when it is sunny.

We had some unexpected visitors, the Geese have arrived earlier than usual.

They didn't stick around long. Fenris likes to chase them when they fly over our fenced in area. He is welcoming them to the pond.

They have come back for several days and spent a few hours before flying off to wherever they came from.~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

Mancat Monday - Debauchery!!!!!!!!!!

Shocking photos reveal Yang engaged in the most immoral debaucheries involving the over use of nip candies. Just look at the hanging tongue and the wild look in his eyes.
The  indecency displayed is shocking. Young ladies avert your eyes, Yang is showing everything he has in an unscrupulous bid for attention. ~ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Okay, Okay I'll do Scylla Sunday. Chimera volunteered to help me. And Yang is making sure his fans see him no matter how hard we try to keep him out of our pictures. The boy is an awful photo hog.

Chimera and I are demonstrating the importance of beauty sleep.  Jeez did Mom really snap a photo revealing all my private spots.

I am so embarrassed. I can't possibly show my face in a selfie. ~Scylla, being modest for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 Intruder cat got put under a magnifying glass. He can't sneak past Fenris no matter how stealthy he approaches.

 Don't remember what the Mom did here.

 Pencil sketches for your enjoyment.

Yikes!!!!!! Mom what have you done to me. ~Yang, modeling for ATCAD

Fenris Friday

I am exploring the backyard with Yin. She is a good cat, she loves Mommy almost as much as I do and stays with us in the backyard. And she fusses at Chimera and Yang when they escape. She is a good watch cat. She also has a very good nose, not as good as mine but I think it's a good nose for a cat. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

 Mommy took a picture of this HUGE spider that hangs out near her plants.

 The Mexican Tarragon was blooming up a storm until we had our unseasonably cold (in the 20s) weather now it is mostly dead. Mommy will trim the dead parts off as soon as the fire ants die at the moment she can't get close to the flowerbed to weed it.  It is now unseasonably warm (in the 70s).

 Daddy finally finished his project. We thinks it will be very nice as he has fixed it where all the beds can be watered by merely turning the water on in the greenhouse. Good job Daddy.

 Everything in the evergreen bed mostly survived the cold.

And the lantana is safe in the greenhouse. ~ATCAD

Wordless Winsome Wednesday with Yin and Chimera