Remodeling Upday by Chimera

 I likes the bathtub. I can walk all around it when Mommy is in the bath and annoy her.

 I am not sure why the people don't use their tongues to bath, it seems very inefficient to use water for baths. I do try to keep them clean, but they don't seem to appreciate my efforts.

 During the remodeling Mommy had to use the chair to keep the towels as the vanity hadn't arrived yet.

 She was just happy to have a tub in the bathroom again.

 The vanity is very nice. It came in two sections, and was custom made. Mommy had one part set back to allow her to open the draws all the way without running into the commode, once it is put back.  She got a stylish toilet paper holder to go in here. I think it will make a pawesome toy, once Mommy puts the rolls of paper on it.

She also loves the drawer on the bottom of the section where the sink goes, she said it was very clever to put the drawer under the cabinet so you could actually use it. Most old style vanities have a fake drawer on the top according to her.  And I has to stay I like the tile, it is very comfy to my paws. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Mommy said to tell you they are actually further along then these pictures show. The only thing they need now is a bathroom mirror.

Tomcat Tuesday with Yang and Socks

MOL, I got Chimera's favorite spot in the garage.

I am on the table where I am NOT suppose to be.

Mommy said I could stay in the chair.

Now I am enjoying some guy time with Socks on the bed. Scylla came to spy on us though.

I went to play Halo with Daddy, but he was too busy.

So I went got back in bed with Socks.

Mommy made me get up so she could make the bed.

After she got it made up me and Yin helped her fold clothes.

But the very best part of my day was the guy time with Socks. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Mancats Monday with Socks & Yang

Socks and I enjoy looking out the door.

You can see squirrels and birds playing in the front yard. ~Yang & Socks reporting for ATCAD

Breaking News: We had a simply marvelous time at the Pawlympic Wrap Up Party hosted @ Dory's Backyard yesterday. If you didn't make it to the party you should go by and check out all the great pictures of us kicking back and relaxing. 

Selfie Sunday with Yang

I asked if I could do the selfie today. After all I thinks the ladycats enjoy looking at ME.

Sorry I got distracted by a lizard.

I am trying to figure out how to climb up after him.

I likes to hide in the tall grass.

Mommy says we has to come in so Daddy can cut it.

I don't want him to cut my hiding spot.

The people don't seem to care what I want.

I am not coming, you can't make me...........................Yikes the lawn mower is after me.

Just look he cut all my grass.

Oh well I still have the Jungle Gym to play on. I think this will make a nice selfie.

Except Chimera tried to photo bomb me. ~Yang, modeling for ATCAD

Caturday Art with Fenris & Socks

I (Socks) love to hide in the new carrier we won. It is very comfy for napping.

Mommy did all sorts of weird things to Fenris, purple ears really.

Here is a nice pencil sketch.

Guess I didn't  escape with just a blurry photograph. Now she has went and turned me different colors.
And the pencil sketch deal. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Breaking News: Fenris and Yin are over at Dory's Backyard taking part in the Pawlympic Smileys! go by and check out all the GREAT smiles. It'll brighten your day.

Fenris Friday

It's been too hot for me to go walking with Mrs Tammy. I miss our walks on the beach. It has also been raining too much. Mrs Tammy and Mommy didn't even get to go walking last week because of all the rain. Some areas even experienced flooding.

In nearby Louisiana many pets have lost their people. Some are injured or ill after having dealt with being flooded out of their homes, I know they all must be so scared. Please put your paws together for them.

Here are some tips for evacuating with a pet.

Have an Evacuation Kit Ready to Go
Keep your contents ready in an easy-to-carry, water-proof container so your pets will have all the comforts of home during this stressful time. Make sure to include:
  • A first aid kit. Include scissors, flea comb, tweezers, pliers, hemostats, magnifying glass, nail clippers, Tourniquet, cotton balls and swabs, bandage material and tape, eye dropper, oral syringe, thermometer, lubricating jelly, disposable gloves, splints, emergency ice and heat packs, and liquid dish soap.
  • Useful medications include activated charcoal, alcohol, betadine, eye rinse, triple antibiotic ointment, eye ointment, hydrogen peroxide, Benadryl, cortisone ointment, sterile saline, antidiarrheal liquid or tablets and ear cleaning solution. Always include any prescription medications your pet may be taking.
  • One week supply of food and water with non-spill dishes, utensils and a manual can opener.
  • Cages or carriers for each pet.
  • Bedding and toys for each pet.
  • Litterpan, litter and scoop if you have cats.
  • Copy of veterinary records and proof of ownership. Include a picture of each pet.
  • Extra collars, leashes and ID tags for each pet.
  • Muzzles and restraints should be included as pets may become anxious or fractious during an emergency.
  • Emergency contact numbers, including relatives, veterinary clinic, animal shelters, pet-friendly motels and poison control center.
  • Instructions for each pet (in the event you are unable to care for your pet) including feeding and medication details.
  • A pre-signed medical treatment authorization to aid rescuers if your pet must be treated during your absence.
  • Miscellaneous items: trash bags, paper towels, flashlight, batteries, radio, maps should be included in every kit.
Catster has tips for evacuating with cats, Be Prepared for a Disaster: Our Tips for Evacuating with Cats and Dogster has tips for evacuating with dogs Be Prepared for a Disaster: Our Tips for Evacuating with Dogs. Petfinder has information on Helping Pets in Danger After Disasters. I hope this information is helpful. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do I hope it helps. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD

Breaking News: Chimera and Yang are participating Pawlympics - Freestyle Napping - Hosted by Hailey, go by and check out all the great entries.

Today is Socks' birthday. He had a party at Cat Scouts so he elected to spend a quiet day at home today. Yin and Yang were also born sometime in August and like Socks their Gotcha Day is in September so we are planning a shindig to celebrate sometime in September, we will provide more details later. Hopefully it will be sunny and cooler in the Fall.

Socks went to the veterinarian for his semi-annual checkup yesterday and he got a GREAT report. He has a slight heart mummer but given his age (16 years) and his hyperthyroidism it is to be expected.

Some of you also know that Fenris had an allergic reaction to something (possibly wasp or yellow jackets) and had to go to the veterinarian too. He got a good report when he went for his follow up visit yesterday and if he doesn't scratch the cone can come off today.  

Thursday in the Garden

Butterfly Plant

Trumpet Vine

We think this poor succulent got to much water as it is dead now, but it looked great when it was blooming.
More succulents

We love this one with the yellow top.

This one is called lambs ears as it is fuzzy to touch.

The Mother of Millions, it broke off, but Mommy thinks she was able to root the top.

More Roses.

Purple Queen, it isn't doing to well.

Another Trumpet Vine, the Hummingbirds really love it.

Lantana. ~ATCAD